SolarGen Mini

SolarGen Mini


SolarGen Mini is a portable solar generator made right here in Ghana by Deep Solar. Instead of going in for a regular gasoline generator which requires constant fuel, oil, and maintenance, why not go in for our portable solar generator which runs on clean solar energy!

Powered by a 500W inverter, and a 12v 40ah Deep Cycle Battery.

Order now and get a 160 watt solar panel for free!

Charge your phone and laptop for 36+ hours.

Power up to 3 light bulbs for over 8 hours.

Power fans for over 4 hours.

Watch TV for over 6 hours.

Our system is plug and play, meaning all you have to do when you get it is to plug in your appliances and turn the generator on! 

Charge with the solar panel for only eight hours, and use the generator for up to 3 days!

Comes with a 12-months warranty. (Terms and Conditions Apply).

Can also be charged using the grid/ power outlet.