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At Deep Solar, we provide affordable, reliable, and efficient off-grid solar systems for all domestic and commercial purposes. Say goodbye to electric bills, power outages and fluctuations by utilizing the power of a God-giving resource; the sun!

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Switch to Solar Power, and say Good-bye to electric bills!


We also provide residential and commercial Grid-Tied systems, which are hybrids or a combination of solar energy and the national grid. This is done to lower electric bills and reduce reliance on the national grid.

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Our Off-Grid systems

Get off the national grid, and produce your own reliable, uninterrupted, unlimited electricity!

Zero bills, Zero Outages

Uninterrupted Power Supply for your business


Our Products

Solar systems supplier and installer

We also sell solar accessories like top quality mono-crystalline panels rating up to 380W, inverters, arrays, charge controllers, batteries and so much more.

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Our Completed Jobs


A project in a village in the Afram plains

On our way to a site in a remote area of Ghana without access to electricity

Residential project at Agbogba


We bring access to electricity via solar energy everywhere in Ghana!


Residential project at Sakumonor


Just tell us where you are, and we'll be there!


Residential project at Haatso


Tell us where you are, and we will be there! Even if we have to fly!


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Solar energy systems are fantastic because they are reliable, efficient, and affordable in the long run. However, they come with a downside, being the initial investment required. They demand a significant first-time investment which can be costly, but affordable in the long run. The good thing though, is that we provide interest-free payment plans!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a fully off-grid system cost for a home with ACs, fridges etc.

On average, a typical off-grid solar system that will power your lights, fridges, freezers, TVs, Water Heater, Water Pumps and AC will cost between GHS20,000-45000.

What is the first step in getting an off-grid system for my home?

The first step will be to schedule a site visit. Our engineers will come to your location and record all the devices and appliances in your home or workplace as well as their watt-hours( how long they are used everyday) We will then evaluate your total daily power consumption, then build your system using this information.

Do you offer payment or installment plans?

There may be opportunities to discuss payment plans with our financial team, so don't hesitate to give us a call!

How long does it take to supply and install a fully working system?

We work super fast! Most of our projects are completed in a day!

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